Earth Capital is a 'Post Seed and Series A' stage equity impact investor, which scales post revenue, commercially viable venture solutions to social and environmental issues in South Africa.   Earth Capital has emerged in response to a range of socio-economic and environmental mega-trends both in South Africa, Africa and the rest of the planet.

We exist to fill a large funding gap for early stage impact ventures, which are typically too risky or too small in investment size, to be of interest to typical institutional investors in South Africa. In partnership with our sister company, Impact Amplifier, a well established accelerator and advisory firm, our mission is to scale these early stage impact ventures, utilizing a combination of capital and capacity. 

Our success is therefore measured by finding the most talented early stage, post revenue companies and scaling them to the point that larger institutional investors can provide follow on capital. Our mission is that these companies can have a significant impact on the South African economy. 

Earth Capital is unique in that we place a particular importance on scaling 'conscious' entrepreneurs, who demonstrate an awareness of the complex issues facing our continent, and will play a positive and inclusive role in its development.